High school made me question my differences. It was once I graduated and got out of high school, that I learned differences should be celebrated. I look back on my years in high school and wish someone would have taught me back then to celebrate my differences and not hide them. I want to provide that advice to the girls I work with.  




High school is a really big part of your life. It's a defining moment in your growth and identity. We want to celebrate every sort of individualmathematician, drama kid & musician, the tomboy & the cheerleader. There is no fitting into any one thing. Our mission is create an encouraging, and confidence building photo experience for every senior we work with. 

This is your senior year. 

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Photographer & founder 

Mandee Rae is a published and recognized senior portrait photographer in the Bellevue, Redmond, and surrounding Seattle cities. Mandee has dedicated herself to providing an encouraging, and body positive experience for each and every individual senior. 

Separate from my senior portrait business, I am an artist at heart. I run my own blog telling my personal stories and sharing my travel journeys. I tend to stay away from tv and movies, and rather use my time for painting or decorating my house and listening to frank sinatra. 

I love watching the seniors confidence grow throughout the photoshoot process. They become less shy and more interactive as the shoot goes on, and it is just a really neat thing to be apart of.
— Mandee Rae

Hair & Makeup Team

These ladies are absolutely essential to my work. They understand how makeup works in photography and specific lighting situations. Makeup captures differently on camera than it does in person, and they are there to enhance the features for the camera. 

Our artists travel exclusively to our clients on the day of their shoot.
Our artists are certified and highly educated in skin & hair care, as well as makeup application.
Hair and makeup is a completely customized experience for our seniors. 

Katya Gudaeva

Anne Timss

Shyn Midili

Taylour Chanel