Whidbey Island Senior Portraits // Rohini

Rohini is one of my 2016 Senior Models. She applied in April to be a part of the program. 
My senior model program is about being an encouraging, and body-positive ambassador in your schools, and to your peers. Rohini is one of those extremely-positive peers. She's all about encouraging individual style, being your own person, and being supportive of her peers. 

On top of running her own fashion blog, she's also ASB President of her school. 

Hair & Makeup: Yessie Libby ( http://www.yessielibby.com )

For Rohini's session we traveled over to Whidbey Island. 
As I mentioned before Rohini, has her own fashion blog, ( http://www.thediligentdresser.com/ ). She styled 4 different outfits for her senior shoot, and all of them couldn't have been more perfect for every location we visited.  

Our first location was in the tiny town of Whidbey. 

I have to thank Rohini a lot for bringing us to this second location. This location is a wedding venue on Whidbey Island called Fireseed. It was truly one of the most beautiful places I've been. There was a swing tied in to a tree, docks going nowhere - surrounded by tall grass and stunning flower arches. 

The sun started to go down, and we literally chased it across the field trying to get the last few shots before the light went away. Overall, this was such an amazing and fun experience for me with Rohini. She has such a light about herself. I'm excited to see this beautiful young lady's endeavors in the big NYC! 

Stunning, right?

                                                                                                                                         Check out Rohini's blog here !

                                                                                                                                         Check out Rohini's blog here !

And as if this blog post wasn't big enough, check out these behind the scene's Rohini and her friend Anni captured during our entire shoot. 

Mandee RaeComment

Oh my goodness, I'm actually so excited to finally have time to sit down and get a blog post up! I've been ogling over Alyssa's session since the day we shot it and I am happy to get to share the photos we got! The weather was so bipolar and I showed up to her house with the sun shining. As soon as hair and makeup was done by Katya Gudaeva ( katyagudaeva.com) , it started pouring down rain and thunder. We could see Seattle on the other side of the water - and the sky was still clear. We took off, and headed in the direction of the clear sky. 

The rainstorm was insane. The water was so deep on the bridge crossing into Seattle, the car was sending a foot of water off the side of the car. We continued to follow the sky (literally!). We found ourselves at Green lake with no rain, and bright overcast skies. The photos are so beyond spontaneous, and I love every location we used! We ended our session by traveling to Discovery Park, parking without a permit and shooting in the rain. Thanks for being such a wonderful Senior model for me this year Alyssa! I can't wait to see what else we do! :) 

Seattle Portrait Photography // Greenlake 


Domi's Seattle Senior Session 

This session and senior are both dreams. I seriously adored shooting with Domi! Her and her mom drove up from Olympia for Domi's senior session with me! They met up at my house with makeup artist, Yessie Libby to begin the transformation!
I about died when Domi showed me her outfit choices, bell bottoms, kimonos, hats! Love! 
She has such a great fun style, and I seriously couldn't have had more of a fun time capturing her and her outgoing personality. Thanks so much Dom, I had such a blast. 

Mandee RaeComment

Gabby's Seattle Senior Session

Another one of my gorgeous senior models! Ah, what a blast this senior shoot was. Gabby is such a unique, awesome individual. I am seriously so grateful to finally have met this girl and have gotten to know so much about her. She is seriously such a killer person. We decided to take off to North Bend for some fun, unique nature inspired shots. I couldn't be more happy with the final images. 

Hair & Makeup done by Lis Krebs ( http://www.liskrebs.com

Thanks for being such a doll Gabby. I seriously love our adventure we had, and the images we got from it. 

                                                                                                         Little behind the scenes shot of the hair and makeup process! 

                                                                                                         Little behind the scenes shot of the hair and makeup process! 

Mandee RaeComment

On June 7th, we held our biggest senior model shoots that we've ever had. It took a crew of people, insane amounts of planning and endless email threads. I am so excited with how everything turned out, and how lucky I am to have such a group of talented friends. They all were so supportive of my vision and everyone did such an incredible job. 

For the shoot I created a hanging flower backdrop, flower stand and a gypsy tent. It was so fun creating and coming up with these ideas for our shoot. I want to thank all the lovely and gorgeous ladies who were in the shoot, and kept smiles on their faces for hours. 

What are senior models?
Most commonly they are called senior reps or senior ambassadors. They are usually all from different schools and they apply to be a photographer's ambassador for senior pictures. Every year photographer's need to rebuild their client base into the surrounding high schools. I wanted to create this program to grow the confidence of the girls, but also give them something fun to brag about to their friends. 

Our team:
Photographer: Mandee Rae ( mandeerae.com )
Videographer: Alex Pravat ( https://www.facebook.com/alex.pravat )
Makeup & Hair:  
Katya Gudaeva ( katyagudaeva.com )
Taylour Chanel ( taylourchanel.com )
Yessie Libby ( yessielibby.com )

Clothing & Styling & Assistance w/ Prop Styling
Malia Michelle @ By Misha ( http://shopbymisha.com )

Photography assistant: Ashley Dobson 


On May 17th, I hosted our first senior rep shoot for 2016. I started planning themed stylized shoots for my senior reps. We received over 80+ applicants, and did our best to narrow down to 9 girls. One of the themes was inspired by Pacific Northwest vibes. I was so excited for this shoot, and loved the feel we had going for the shoot. Each girl brought a carry on sized bag with clothing, and then personally styled by the incredible stylist Karla Ortiz. They also received hair and makeup by two of my go-to makeup artists, Katya Gudaeva & Taylour Chanel. As soon as hair and makeup was done, we traveled to Rattlesnake Ledge for some PNW-vibes. 

I can't thank these lovely girls enough. I had such a blast with each and everyone of them. 



 click directly on names for websites 

Mandee Rae | Photography
Karla Ortiz | Styling
Taylour Chanel | Hair & Makeup 
Katya Gudaeva | Hair & Makeup


We also snuck in some cute pink backdrop photos before we left for Rattlesnake! We used the time as the other girls were getting makeup done, to shoot individual shots in my studio! It was just quick and fun!

Mandee RaeComment

I had the honor of seeing Hayley again, I took her senior portraits back in August. Her photos turned out so beautiful, and we both had so much fun posting and sharing on social media. I was so excited to see Hayley on the day of prom, and get to capture that special day with her. I couldn't get over how beautiful she looked! 

Makeup done by Katya Gudaeva 

Mandee RaeComment