On May 17th, I hosted our first senior rep shoot for 2016. I started planning themed stylized shoots for my senior reps. We received over 80+ applicants, and did our best to narrow down to 9 girls. One of the themes was inspired by Pacific Northwest vibes. I was so excited for this shoot, and loved the feel we had going for the shoot. Each girl brought a carry on sized bag with clothing, and then personally styled by the incredible stylist Karla Ortiz. They also received hair and makeup by two of my go-to makeup artists, Katya Gudaeva & Taylour Chanel. As soon as hair and makeup was done, we traveled to Rattlesnake Ledge for some PNW-vibes. 

I can't thank these lovely girls enough. I had such a blast with each and everyone of them. 



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Mandee Rae | Photography
Karla Ortiz | Styling
Taylour Chanel | Hair & Makeup 
Katya Gudaeva | Hair & Makeup


We also snuck in some cute pink backdrop photos before we left for Rattlesnake! We used the time as the other girls were getting makeup done, to shoot individual shots in my studio! It was just quick and fun!

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