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On June 7th, we held our biggest senior model shoots that we've ever had. It took a crew of people, insane amounts of planning and endless email threads. I am so excited with how everything turned out, and how lucky I am to have such a group of talented friends. They all were so supportive of my vision and everyone did such an incredible job. 

For the shoot I created a hanging flower backdrop, flower stand and a gypsy tent. It was so fun creating and coming up with these ideas for our shoot. I want to thank all the lovely and gorgeous ladies who were in the shoot, and kept smiles on their faces for hours. 

What are senior models?
Most commonly they are called senior reps or senior ambassadors. They are usually all from different schools and they apply to be a photographer's ambassador for senior pictures. Every year photographer's need to rebuild their client base into the surrounding high schools. I wanted to create this program to grow the confidence of the girls, but also give them something fun to brag about to their friends. 

Our team:
Photographer: Mandee Rae ( )
Videographer: Alex Pravat ( )
Makeup & Hair:  
Katya Gudaeva ( )
Taylour Chanel ( )
Yessie Libby ( )

Clothing & Styling & Assistance w/ Prop Styling
Malia Michelle @ By Misha ( )

Photography assistant: Ashley Dobson