In New York, everyone dresses up every day. You can’t tell if they are going to class, or going on the runway.

Making waves for her fashion future, she's already a brand ambassador for skin care and makeup company - Glossier. She uses her social media on Instagram and Youtube to show off her favorite products. Rohini takes skin care seriously - and has several posts on her blog promoting healthy skin care. 

Q: How did you become a brand ambassador for Glossier?

Rohini: I have loved Glossier products for about a year now, and they have a showroom in New York City. So I decided to visit it (it’s beautiful) and took a bunch of photos of the products and posted them on my Instagram. They ended up emailing me and asking if I was interested in being a rep after seeing the content I put on Instagram and my Youtube. I was thrilled, of course, and said yes! It all happened so fast! 


Rohini: I just got an internship at a wonderful interior design and art studio called Mercer Project here in NYC.
I think the experience and hands on work it offers will help start to narrow down my career ideas. I’m also still blogging and have a Youtube channel, I definitely take way too much pride in putting together my Instagram feed and will continue to use it as my main social media platform to get new collaborations and opportunities! 

Q: What is your advice to any girls wanting to go to school in New York? 

Rohini: My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you’re ready to be on your own. This city is beautiful and extraordinary but also so tiring and is easy to get caught up in. Make sure you have a firm head on your shoulders and are ready to dive into the world! You will see everything here, and learn a lot. I think anyone who wants to come should, at least for a little while, it gives you great perspective, and there are so many fun things to do and great people to meet. 




Rohini is a lady after my own heart. She's a serious fashion entrepreneur and runs her own fashion blog - something she started in high school. Now, she's going to college in the big apple & really kicking her feet into the fashion industry.  

Rohini's session took place on Whidbey Island. One of my personal favorites, makeup artist - Yessie Libby traveled to Rohini and gave her a fun, vibrant and flawless makeup application and then gave Rohini a head full of wavy locks. Rohini completely created and styled all her own outfits for the shoot, && on a budget. Rohini uses her Youtube to show off her thrifty finds - you don't have to break the bank to dress up for your senior session! 

Q: When did you start your fashion blog? What did you with your high school schedule? How did you do both?

Rohini: I started my fashion blog my junior year of high school soon after beginning a vocational fashion class. I was lucky enough to be given time during the 3 hour class to work on it, and I had friends who were willing to take photos for me which made it a lot easier! We all took photos for each other and collaborated a lot. 

Rohini uses her blog to show off her thrift store finds, favorite new skin care product and outfits she has put together. The quality of her photos and posts leave me so unbelievably impressed. She has created an incredibly beautiful clean and modern blog while remaining totally relatable as she shares her adventures and life experiences.

Q: Where are you going to college now? What is going to college out of state like?

Rohini: I am going to college now at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City! For me, I felt like staying in state was the easy way out. I lived in a very small secluded town and went to an even smaller high school, where I had been surrounded by the same things for 10 years. I wanted to push myself to grow and learn and be exposed to as many things as I could, so I felt New York City was the best place to go. 


Rohini: I am so grateful I chose to go out of state, although I miss seeing my friends and family regularly, I truly think I have learned more about myself and my goals in life in the last 8 months than I ever did in high school. It was definitely scary at first and I wondered if it would be too far away from home, but I’m glad I did it. 


Dressing your session up with a hat can add a pop of color into a photo you didn't expect. With all the greens, and blues in this photo the maroon hat adds a perfect pop of color and compliments her outfit

 Q: What are your goals for your future, and how are you progressing towards them?

Rohini: My most important goal is to be happy and be creative. I have realized there are a lot of things that I’m interested in pursuing, I think being a concept or brand creator would be very interesting, or even graphic design or interior design. Basically something that uses my creativity and is always changing.


Q: What are your two favorite differences going from high school to college?

Rohini: High school is like looking through a fish bowl, and college is actually being the fish in the water. My two favorites are the freedom of class schedules, I only have class two days a week which leaves me time for my internship and exploring the city.

My second favorite is having to hold myself accountable. There are no parents or familiar teachers around to keep you on track, its all about you and what choices you make each day.


Huge thanks to Rohini for taking the time to share, and answer questions about life in NYC! xx


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