''My photo went around the world -''

Apple scouted a photo Gabby had uploaded to her Flickr account - it was a photo she'd taken at Snoqualmie Falls on her iphone. Apple used this photo for their campaign that went around the world. She has seen her photo in different states and countries. Her photo was even on a 9-story building in Texas. 

Featured Session with Gabby 

I feel very honored to have gotten to know and to have met Gabby. I feel honored that she wanted to be a senior model for my brand. She's the exact embodiment of what I want for my seniors. She's true to herself, and to others. She radiates kindness, and beauty towards people, places and things. Her genuine excitement for the world is contagious. 

Gabby is a nature woman by heart. She volunteered for the Washington Trails Assosication. She worked at Snoqualmie through multiple years of her high school career. After graduation, she's continued onto working as a member for EarthCorps

The earth is what we all have in common.
— Wendell Berry

Finding a location for Gabby was easy being in the Pacific Northwest. We traveled to North Bend to find beautiful endless fields, trails, and the sunsetting on the mountain. During the spring and summer - I recommend you just give go for a drive with yourself or some friends and go through Fall City and North Bend - it is so unbelievably beautiful