All the details in this shoot are my favorite. Everything has minimal, but powerful patterns. I love the way light reflects off sequin fabrics. These are all great things to think about for your shoot. The textures and patterns you're wearing. You don't want anything too heavy with pattern that'll distract, but you also don't want a dull solid black or grey shirt. It is a balance! 

Shelby has such a sincere and kind personality. She doesn't like to over-do it on her makeup, she is more of a country girl and relaxed. We used her clothes from her wardrobe to ensure her style & personality - but helped accessorize and dress them up for details in pictures. 

Featured Session with Shelby 

Shelby and her family are a dream. I can't gush or talk more adoringly about such an incredibly sweet fun and vibrant group of people. Shelby booked our exclusive package with hair and makeup, and added on our wardrobe consultation with our on-set stylist.

When you add on our stylist, you receive an in-person consultation  a week or two before your actual shoot. The consultation is about an hour - my stylist and I will arrive to your house and discuss wardrobe options with your current existing clothes. We will also leave you with ideas for any additions you may need to grab before your shoot. 

We shot in the adorable town of Duvall. I love this area so much. It has a small town vibe, it is friendly and quaint and calm. They have a tiny little trailer on the side of the road with fresh produce and flowers - everything is based off honor system here. 

Shelby keeps her outfits pretty casual most of the time, and that is important to us. With multiple outfit options, we used one outfit to keep it laid back and relaxed however -  the bright color makes her eyes pop - and leaves no need for any additional accessories. Less is more in this case. 

And just when we were wrapping up the shoot, we spotted this beautiful baby blue car with an incredibly sweet owner who allowed Shelby to sit in it and pose around it. It couldn't have been a more perfect coincidence when Shelby was in her red dress